Conference Equipment

We provide for your business event, seminar or conference modern conference technical equipment.

Our conference flat rates include the standard equipment such as screen, overhead projector, 1 flipchart, 1 pin board.

Please be aware that the technical equipment listed above is only available in limited quantities from the hotel. Should additional equipment need to be hired from a private company, we will enquire about the price. It is possible to order additional technology through us, e.g. TV/video camera, microphone system.

Technology Price
Video projector/ beamer 85.00 € per day
Flipchart 10.00 € per chart incl. 10 sheets of paper
Flipchart Paper 1.50 € per sheet
Flipchart pens 2.50 € per pen
Photocopy DIN A4 0.25 € per copy
Photocopy DIN A3 1,00 € per copy
Laser pen 10.00 € per day
Moderator’s case 50.00 € per day
Overhead projector 20.00 € per day incl. 10 transparencies
Overhead transparency 1.50 € per transparency
Pin board 8.00 € per board
Pin board paper 2.00 € per sheet
Lectern 20.00 € per day
Telephone in accordance with hotel’s rates
Room Distribution 3.00 € per room/distribution





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