About Bamberg

Bamberg – a unique UNESCO Wold Hiritage

Nestled in the beautifully lush Franconian countryside, Bamberg is a remarkable city endowed with the largest historic old town centre of all German cities. The entire architectural ensemble of the town comprises more than 2300 listed buildings, including fantastic pieces of Baroque and medieval architecture.

In the early 11th century, Emperor Heinrich II. raised the city to the strategic, cultural and spiritual centre of Europe. The exquisite picture of the town is a historic trace of the Bamberg being the capital of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation for some period of time.

The wealth of culture and art can be seen and felt everywhere.

Bamberg is also well known a City of Beer. Visitors can try up to 50 different local beers brewed by the city’s privately run breweries.

The charm of Bamberg results from its harmonious location within the surrounding countryside. This thousand-year-old city of emperors and bishops is the gateway to wonderful natural areas such as Swiss Franconia and the Steigerwald Nature Park.

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